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About Mack Hines Consulting

The South Carolina native is widely known and regarded for his dynamic, down-to-earth approaches and strategies in the areas of African American student success and the incorporation of racial and cultural diversity into classrooms.

Mack Hines Consulting Programs.

Participants acquire strategies for using oral and rhythmic expression, multi-level togetherness, vervistic focus, and experiential vitality to effectively teach African American students.

So a teacher thinketh, a student becometh. Thus what students become depends largely and forcefully upon what teachers think of them as people. Therefore, when we think of students as people with futures and not as having futile potential, our thoughts will become the influential yardstick for what students measure themselves by to become successful people.”

– Dr. Mack T. Hines III

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We’re coming upon the 2-year anniversary of the death of Sandra Annette Bland. Bland was an African American woman who traveled to Hempstead, Texas to start a job at her alma mater Prairie View A & M University. Bland was arrested by…

Pepsi: The Voice of A Confused Generation

Back in my day, Pepsi was a hell of a soda. So much so that the soft drink was deemed “The Choice of A New Generation.” Nowadays, there’s a new generation of folk who prefer Pepsi, too. But this generation seems to be confused about…

Can't We All Just Get Along?

Remember the Rodney King beating and the not guilty verdict for the White cops who nearly killed him? I do. I can still see the television images of Los Angeles exploding in riots, gunshots, and flames. I can also still hear a battered and…

Does it Matter If It’s Black or White?

The late great Michael Jackson once asked if it mattered if we are Black or White? On a record-No. Off the record-Yes! Hell yes, race matters! Race matters now more than ever in every place and every way. This is even true when it comes to…

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