Dr. Mack’s Magnificent Quotes.

Throughout his career, Dr. Mack T. Hines III has used many inspirational words and phrases to impact his audiences. Some of his most memorable quotes are as follows:

  • “So a teacher thinketh, a student becometh.
  • “Life is about what you become-not your annual income.”
  • “Action speaks louder than words, but words do speak action into existence.”
  • “You’re only a minority if you’re minor in your thinking.”
  • “Failure is not the end of the world, but is a part of the world that you must live through to achieve self improvement.”
  • “Turn every obstacle into an obsession to reach your goals and block anyone who tries to stop you.”
  • “Failing your way to success simply means that you’ve been blessed with the god-given ability to bounce back from diversity.”
  • “Regardless of where you teach, if how you teach doesn’t connect with who you teach, then what you teach is useless.”
  • “View every setback as a setup for a comeback, and then get back to doing the best that you can do.”
  • “The minute you stop pushing for want you want is the minute that what you don’t want pulls you into oblivion.”
  • “Just because you don’t win every day doesn’t meant that you can’t start every day with a winning attitude.”
  • “You can never do it all, but you can give your all to every thing that you do.”
  • “An at-risk child is a child who runs the risk of being exposed to people who don’t believe in their ability to succeed.”
  • “Rejection is a reset button of introspection that pulls the imperfection of greatness out of you.”
  • “Failure is the breakthrough that teaches you how to follow through on ways of overcoming adversity.”
  • “Children make mistakes but are not mistakes. And as adults, we must never make the mistake of letting children’s mistakes allow us to mistake them for being less than human.”
  • “Experiencing failure and becoming a failure are not one in the same.”