Goodrich Elementary School


“Dr. Hines did a wonderful training on Motivating African-American Boys to Learn and Excel (M.A.L.E.) Call that was both informational and insightful. This training has helped my all female faculty and staff how to understand and motivate not just my African -American males but also has been beneficial to all of my males students.”



Kathryn Washington, Ed. D.
Goodrich Elementary School

Conroe Independent School District

Dr. Mack T. Hines III hosted the staff development for Conroe ISD in the fall of 2010. His presentation provided intellectual stimulation for the staff and administration attending the event. The main reason is that his genuine approach served as a catalyst for envisioning the best ways to reach out to minority students, in particularly African American males.

Attendants were so impressed with how Dr. Hines sparked energy and excitement in involving everyone in developing of a shared vision focused on teaching and learning. I later learned that his dynamic and passionate speaking style inspired risk-taking and innovative thinking among teachers. He was able to empower teachers to view previously unsuccessful experiences in the classroom as learning opportunities for effectively responding to the diverse interest and needs of minority children.  Through his strategies and approaches, Dr. Mack T. Hines III was able to show his knack for guiding educators through political, social, and economic issues to achieve equal opportunity and educational success for all students.

Dr. Mary L. James-Cue
Assessment and Evaluation Administrator
Conroe Independent School District
Montgomery County Juvenile Division

Ridgeland Middle School

Thank you Dr. Hines…enjoyed your presentation…you were the bomb!! If ever in the Low Country of SC…stop by…we’re right outside of Savannah/Hilton Head area!

Sylvia Cobb, Ed. S., GCDF
School Counselor
Ridgeland Middle School

The School District – Palm Beach County

Thanks so much. I really enjoyed your presentation. Your message is one that needs to be presented in every school that our students attend. Have a great day.

God Bless,
Sandra Weatherspoon

Kujawa Education Center

Hello Dr. Hines!

I’m not sure if you remember me or not but I was a former grad student that went through the 2009-2010 Shel Cohort in Aldine.   I would like to invite you to present to our 3rd and 4th grade students during our annual career day May 4th.   I will always remember your energetic lectures and your innovative ideas to make your class a great experience for myself and I would love for you to bring that to our students!!   Please see the attached flyer and let me know if you could stay for the entire time or if you could just come for an hour!!

I look forward to hearing back from you and I hope all is well!!!   Thanks for your consideration to the students of Aldine!!!

Kim Corrick M.ED
IB Coordinator
Kujawa Education Center

Benson High School Magnet

“Dr. Hines provided a very illuminating professional development series for our staff. He quickly engaged their minds and heart in a dialogue about diversity, children and what we can do as educators to allow them a better experience in today’s urban high school.”

Anita Baldwin
Benson High School Magnet
Omaha, Nebraska

Hopkins School District

I have been in three different seminars facilitated Dr. Hines over the past two years on subjects that are directly related to helping our teachers better educate African American Children.  Here in the Twin Cities, we are faced with increasing dropout rate and an increasing achievement gap.  Part of our issue is the ability for our schools to effectively engage our young African American students. This is where the work of Dr. Hines has come in.  Dr. Hines has give many of our teachers TRUE strategies that can be used by the teacher the first day they are backing the classroom.  Dr. Hines teaches effective methods to keep students on a track for success whop may have in the past been behavior problems.

It is my belief that part of the reason Dr. Hines methods are received so well is the manner in which he disseminates information the to the audience.  Dr. Hines engages the teachers in the seminar in a manner that is exciting and creates an environment of learning which can be difficult in a large group setting.

Al Johnson
Equity Integration Specialist
Hopkins School District
Hopkins, Minnesota

Raguet Elementary School – Nacogdoches Independent School District

Dr. Mack T. Hines III is an exceptional speaker and amazing leader. There is never a moment that passes where he is not concentrating on creating powerful presentations for his audiences. He continues to create original ideal to assist staff, students, and parents in being successful with At Risk students. His passion for student success is evident in his strategies in the areas of student motivation, developing success in African American students, and in implementing and incorporating cultural and racial diversity in classrooms.

Linda Lister, Principal
Raguet Elementary School
Nacogdoches Independent School District

Klein Oak High School – Klein Independent School District

One of my personal research interests is in the area of working with minority students in order to increase academic achievement. Any time I go to a national conference, I always make it a point to attend sessions regarding this subject. Of every presenter I have heard, including some of the most famous in the country, Dr. Hines is without a doubt the best. The difference between Dr. Hines and a lot of other “big name” presenters I have heard is that when you leave a presentation by Dr. Hines, you feel motivated and inspired to make a difference, and that you actually can make a difference, regardless of your culture, race, and educational attainment. He makes you believe that regardless of the situation, you can have a positive impact on students. I’ve not always gotten that message from some presenters I have heard.

Benjamin Petty, Assistant Principal
Klein Oak High School
Klein Independent School District

Hopkins Public School District

I first attended Dr. Mack Hines workshop at the 2010 conference of the National Association of Black School Educators.  I was immediately impressed with his enthusiasm in the knowledge of culturally proficient teaching strategies and pedagogy.  Dr. Hines presented the value and ultimate effects of knowing and learning the cultures that one teaches, in order to authentically realize the academic successes of the student.  When I returned from that conference, I immediately contacted Dr. Hines to come to the Hopkins, Minnesota school district to do a daylong workshop.  Because we are a predominately white district, and the color of our classrooms is changing, our teaching staff has requested staff development in culturally responsive teaching.  In coming to our district, Dr. Hines assisted our teaching staff in discussing race, culture and ethnicity and how to infuse these elements in our teaching.  The staff continues to speak highly of Dr. Hines and how he came into our district and transformed the thinking and teaching of many.

Dr. Stanley H. Brown, Equity Specialist
Hopkins Public School District